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Natural Therapies


  • Advice and solutions regarding supplements, vitamins, minerals, special dietary restrictions and needs including gluten intolerance, dairy allergies and other inflammatory conditions
  • Assistance with digestive issues, daily menu items and all other food and nutrition related queries; specializing in providing healthy daily food and lifestyle options
  • A wide variety of natural body and house care products, free of carcinogenic ingredients
  • An ever-growing variety of foods and on-the-go snack options, including gluten-free, that will promote health, wellness and healing
  • Many vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements are in stock, and others may be special ordered
  • Answers regarding drug/herb interactions if you are on medications, and are interested in adding a supplement



We can help to walk you through any healthy transition that you are ready for!

Look for the Natural health specials on the back page of the regular Rouslton's flyer; there are always great deals to take advantage of!
In our stores, you will find very high quality, professional, research driven companies such as AOR and Metagenics gracing our shelves, as well as wonderful independent, high quality lines like A.Vogel, NAKA, Tristar, Hubner, Flora, Nature's Way, New Chapter, Progressive, Genuine Health, Innovite, Trophic, Lorna, Bell and many more.

Our organic and healthy food and drink options grow by the day; if you can't find something that you want, let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you.


Visit one of our four locations today to see how natural products can fit into your lifestyle!