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  1. Roulston's Rewards is available at all Roulston's Pharmacy locations.
  2. The Roulston's Rewards card points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. Points cannot be assigned, exchanged, purchased or given by gift. Points cannot be sold, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of.
  3. The Roulston's Rewards card and all points collected are the sole property of Roulston's Pharmacy. We reserve the right to revoke the points at any time.
  4. To participate in the Program a customer must become a Member. There is no enrolment fee and there is no purchase required in order to become a Member.
  5. Each Roulston's Rewards card has a unique number associated to it. It will be registered to the Member's name and associated with the Member's account. A member has the right to have additional cards assigned to their account.
  6. Roulston's rewards members must have their card with them at the time of purchase. Roulston's will not add points with a receipt or any other proof of purchase.
  7. When returning an item that was purchased with the Roulston's Rewards card, the cardholder must also provide the Roulston's Rewards card to have the returned items deducted from their Rewards card.
  8. The number of points awarded for each purchase will be indicated on the bottom of the cash receipt.
  9. A member can cancel their membership at any time.
  10. Roulston's Pharmacy reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations for the Roulston's Rewards program as deemed necessary.


  1. Points will be awarded as 10 Points for each dollar spent.
  2. Rewards may be redeemed for savings rewards off of a purchase.
  3. 2000 points will be awarded upon registration.


 Points Required  Reward Value
 4,000  $5.00
 7,000 $10.00
 12,000  $20.00
 29,000  $50.00
 55,000  $100.00
 100,000  $200.00


  1. All prescriptions, newspapers, stamps, lottery tickets, gift certificates, photocopies and prepaid phone cards are exempt from the program.
  2. All companies that have a charge account cannot combine the loyalty program with their current greater value discount.


  1. From time to time, additional points may be awarded for special promotions within the stores.
  2. All atoma products purchased will be awarded an additional 15 points (total 25) for each dollar spent.


  1. Roulston's Pharmacy respects the privacy of all if its members. All personal information collected will be used to collect points in the members account and to contact our members to advise of special discounts available for various promotions.
  2. Roulston's Pharmacy will not collect, use or disclose personal information about a member without receiving prior consent


If you have any questions about our reward program, please contact Pam Jarvis at, or call at 519-426-1731 Ext. #226
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